OutinColombia.com is a blog about gay life in Colombia. The stories we write cover a wide range of topics about the LGBT community in Colombia and things that might be of interest to the LGBT community in general. Through this blog, we hope to provide a window into gay life in Colombia while developing a useful resource for English-speakers who might find that few such resources exist. We hope you enjoy and we welcome your feedback and participation in the conversation.

 Sam Castañeda Holdren
I’m an American expat who moved to Medellin in May 2015. My first visit to the country was in December 2013 when I studied Spanish at a local language school. Originally from California, I’ve lived in Phoenix, Tucson and Boston. Over the years I’ve advocated for LGBT equality and several social justice issues.


Edgar Ocampo Garcia
I am 100% paisa – that is, I was born and raised in Antioquia, Colombia. A geologist by trade, I’m also involved in intercultural exchanges through groups like Couchsurfing. I’m am airbnb host and love showing extranjeros around town.


Juan David Narváez R
I am a freelance writer with a focus on economics, fashion and literature. My passion for style was born in my city, Medellín, where I currently reside. I spend my days scouting out new stories for readers of my social media and now this amazing blog. I have three main loves: writting, good times, and coffee.